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Tonky Honk Cowboy

Come on in, baby take your shoes off

Hey ya'll, thanks for bellying up to the bar at the ole Tonky Honk Cowboy. This atmosphere here is all about some damned good music to listen to while you're drinkin' your favorite adult beverage. I was brought up where drink was not the only thing you bought out of a fruit jar. They say green in your diet is good for you and I'm here to tell you I believe that to be the truth. I picked some favorites of yours, some favorites of mine, and cool tunes you might not have heard before. So, pour yourself a pint, pop a top, shake it, don't stir it, and grab them strawberry papers. Hey, you want to keep up with the strawberry market right? While you're at it, get your favorite drinking buddy and crank these tunes up. The Cowboy add new tunes all the time so ya'll come back now, you hear?

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Our History

The idea for the Tonky Honk Cowboy came to us one Saturday night about dusk when my buddy Redneck Tim and I were fishing off the dock in Oklahoma on Lake Eufaula. I had brought up six point beer from Texas because you can only buy 3.2 cold in Oklahoma. Of course, we had a little help beyond the brews so we were right minded. There wasn't anything on the radio except those damned Country stations that no longer believe in drinkin' and cheatin' songs. You know the ones, playing Rascal Flatts instead of Brooks and Dunn; Taylor Swift instead of Reba McEntire; and think George Jones is a guy who sang on a song with Garth Brooks. Not to mention not being able to get the kind of beer we wanted when we wanted it. It made us realize there had to be a better way. The Tonky Honk Cowboy was born.


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John Daniel Walker

stunning italian history

Best not to get in a drinking contest with J-D. He's never lost - one way or the other. Rumor has it his Mama nursed him on the finest in Kentucky. Hell, we've seen 'em and to be honest we would have to agree!

Bud Miller

sea, the beaches

Bud is one crazy Sumabitch. He's left his mark in that fine Rocky Mountain spring water outside Denver. Hey, Bud believes in recycling. When he was up for the draft, he volunteered before he found it they weren't talking about beer. He did his service about out there are things besides beer that taste good out of a fruit jar. Hell, there's more than one reason they call him Bud.

Grab yourself a free account from our buddies at Live365 and give the old Tonky Honk Cowboy listen. We're best friend you got when you're hoisting a few. Remember it's free. You can listen on your laptop or those new fangled Smartphones, too. VIP members won't here those annoying commercials either. Although you might here a mention of Effin, Texas BBQ sauce every now and again. We don't own it but damned sure like it. Click below to register and listen.